Tiny Homes

We can manufacture and assemble at our plant, or pick up a drill and we'll leave the light-lifting to you. Our frames come pre-cut and tooled making assembly fast and  easy. Check out our standard models or contact us about bringing your custom design to life.

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Backyard Structures

Forget about rot, pests, and mildew. Steel-framed sheds provide the best protection possible for your tools and gear. Check out our greenhouses for the strongest resistance to the elements.

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Looking to add a man-cave to the house? Need an extra bathroom at the office? How about somewhere to sleep at the hunting lease? We do it all.

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Steel Deal


There's no question about it; steel is a superior building material to wood. Steel is fire resistant, rot resistant, pest resistant, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any conventional building material. This means you can move your tiny home time and time again without worrying about cracks, settling, or warping of your home.

But the benefits don't stop there.

We use CAD design and roll-forming machines to precisely manufacture the exact studs needed to build your tiny home. If you can read and use a drill, you're ready to assemble your own home. Each framing package comes with a set of instructions and labeled studs to make assembly a breeze. It's like IKEA...but for a house.

Did we mention it's fast? Pre-dimpled male-female connections for your studs and track combined with individual piece labels make panel assembly so quick you'll feel like Dale Earnhardt.

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